Andy Murray LIVE: Stuttgart Open Final Latest Scores and Updates from Matteo Berrettini Competition

Andy Murray LIVE: Stuttgart Open Final Latest Scores and Updates from Matteo Berrettini Competition


Andy Murray will face Matteo Berrettini in the final of the Stuttgart Open this afternoon as Scott aims for his first grass-court title in six years and continues his preparations for Wimbledon.

Murray posted an impressive quarterfinal win over Stefanos Tsitsipas earlier this week before defeating Nick Kyrgios in the semifinals on Saturday and will now take on Berrettini in search of his 47th career title and take to the grass for the first time since Wimbledon 2016. .

Tsitsipas was the No. 1 seed and Murray’s win was his first victory over the world’s top-five player in six years. Murray’s serve this week has been particularly reliable and will put him in good stead for the rest of the grass-court season.

Despite enjoying a few good matches on clay in the lead-up, Murray seems to have benefited from his decision to leave the French Open, and appears fresh on the grass. He plans to play at Queens before embarking on another mission to shake off Wimbledon glory at the age of 35 later this month, but first is a trophy fight with Berrettini in Stuttgart.

Follow live coverage of the Stuttgart Open final below:


Andy Murray 3-5 * Matteo Berrettini – Stuttgart Open Final

A flat powerful serve from Berrettini pushed him inside the game of the first set.

A 5-3 advantage and now Murray will have to dig deeper again to expand the set.

Jack Rathborne12 June 2022 14:52


Andy Murray * 3-4 Matteo Berrettini – Stuttgart Open Final

Murray is battling well here, Berrettini has the advantage, but he will have to fight for this first set.

We’re back within a game as the pair take another drink.

Three aces, Murray has reduced his first serve by 58 percent, but Berrettini still leads with 70 percent.

Jack Rathborne12 June 2022 14:49


Andy Murray * 2-3 Matteo Berrettini – Stuttgart Open Final

Murray is in all sorts of trouble here, he is 0-40 and has three break points in front of him.

And second, Ace! Leveled the number of matches at 2-2.

Now again, another break point. As Murray runs to the halfway point, Berrettini finds the net, it’s the deuce. A big boost for Scott.

Better yet, it’s viciously moving around Berrettini’s forehand, giving the advantage to Murray for the first time.

Amazing variety for the game, with Murray’s drop shot not quite working, he flicks a backhand return when Berrettini gleefully tucks the short ball. It’s deuce again.

It is a Murray hold, followed by a top-spinning forehand punishment to Berrettini’s forehand across the court. Hold, players stop for a drink, 2-3*.

Jack Rathborne12 June 2022 14:34


Andy Murray 1-3 * Matteo Berrettini – Stuttgart Open Final

Berrettini’s second serve misses the break-back point for Murray.

It’s that drop shot again, doing wonders for Berrettini, it brings game points.

And when Murray fires a forehand on a long run, it’s a hold and the brake advantage is confirmed.

Jack Rathborne12 June 2022 14:30


Andy Murray * 1-2 Matteo Berrettini – Stuttgart Open Final

Magiya! Berrettini with a brilliant, disguised drop shot that viciously spins off the court after landing barely a foot over the net.

Berrettini timing this well, from inside to outside, the forehand is a real weapon, whistling to bring Murray two break points.

Very good! Berrettini uncovers Murray’s second serve, goes cross court to knock Scott out of the game, then hits him with a forehand into the open court. break!

Only 40 percent work for the first undead, which will need fixing.

Jack Rathborne12 June 2022 14:20


Andy Murray 1-1 * Matteo Berrettini – Stuttgart Open Final

Great smash from Berrettini, leaning back, he puts the ball away with ease, with excellent power. 15-0.

The Italian, Murray’s powerful strokes can only clip it over the net, leading to a drop shot.

Scott covers the ground well, but his stretched, delicate effort falls short.

Murray demonstrated the Italian’s so far prowess, with excellent defence, especially with the backhand.

A bomb from Berrettini, serve without returning, we are level after eight minutes, 1-1.

Jack Rathborne12 June 2022 14:15


Andy Murray * 1-0 Matteo Berrettini – Stuttgart Open Final

And we’re off… Murray serves first and drops a bomb, Berrettini’s return falls short of the net to give Scott the first point of the match.

Murray chased 30-15 on the court with a delicious backhand and shot of the match so far down the line from the Italian.

Murray, however, was disappointed and scored a giveaway to bring up two game points.

Skilled by Murray, he strikes here before 1-0.

Jack Rathborne12 June 2022 14:10


Andy Murray vs Matteo Berrettini – Stuttgart Open Final

Andy Murray lines up in the Stuttgart final today

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Andy Murray reaches Stuttgart final today


Jack Rathborne12 June 2022 13:59


Andy Murray vs Matteo Berrettini – Stuttgart Open Final

The players will soon be off the court.

Andy Murray vs Matteo Berrettini for the Stuttgart Open title.

luke baker12 June 2022 13:56


Andy Murray to play Lorenzo Sonego in the first round at Queens

In other tennis news, Andy Murray will play Italy’s Lorenzo Sonego in the first round of the Cinch Championship in Queens starting Monday.

The British number three will be bidding for his fifth tournament win as he continues his preparations for next month’s Wimbledon.

British number one Cameron Nori, seeded third, will face former Wimbledon semifinalist Grigor Dimitrov of Bulgaria and Briton Dan Evans, seeded second, will face defending champion Matteo Berrettini.

Britain’s number seven Ryan Penniston has suffered a tight opening round draw as he plays top seed and French Open runner-up Casper Roode.

luke baker12 June 2022 13:47

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