Greetens’ ‘rino-hunting’ video threatened his ex-wife and kids, lawyer says Politics

Greetens’ ‘rino-hunting’ video threatened his ex-wife and kids, lawyer says Politics

David A. by Lib and Jim Salter | The Associated Press

Columbia, Mohd. – The family of Missouri US Senate candidate Eric Greetens has been subjected to “serious threats” after he released a violent campaign video declaring he was a “victim” of RINO, or Republican in Name Only, lawyer of his own. Said in court on Thursday for the ex-wife.

Grittens resigned in disgrace.  That is why he is leading in the race for the US Senate of Missouri.

Attorney Helen Wade said during a court hearing in the former couple’s child custody case that while Sheena Greetens received written threats, her email address is a public record because she is an employee at a public university.

“We live in a country where this kind of rhetoric has led to violence,” she said. “It’s in the writing, ‘Wouldn’t it be terrible if someone hunted down Eric Grettens and his entire family. Alley it would be terrible.’ He is one of them. Can’t read.”

The hearing was part of a case to decide whether custody of the couple’s two sons should be supervised by a Missouri court or in Texas, where Sheena Grittens and the boys now live. In a March affidavit as part of the case, Sheena Grittens accused her ex-husband of verbal and physical abuse.

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Grittens, who resigned as Missouri governor in June 2018 following a criminal charge following an extramarital affair in St. Louis, has repeatedly denied allegations of abuse. He accused Sheena Grettens of collaborating with people he believed to be RINO in an effort to sabotage his Senate campaign.

The 38-second campaign ad that dropped on Monday shows Eric Grettens holding a shotgun. An armed tactical team breaks into a house and flash-bangs what appears to be grenades. Grittens enters through the smoke and says: “Join the MAGA crew. Get a RINO hunting permit. There’s no bagging limit, no tagging limit and it doesn’t end until we leave our country.” Do not save

Eric Greetens said the ad was meant to be humorous and was not taken literally. He was not in the hearing.

“I am disappointed that Eric is not here today because we were hoping that we would be able to give him a statement to explicitly condemn the use of violence of any kind against my client,” Wade said.

Eric Greetens’ attorney, Gary Stamper, said in court that “it is redundant to suggest” that Greetens “want to harm him.” Stamper later said in a statement that the two threats provided in a document from Wade were not death threats, but he condemned them nonetheless.

In a phone interview with the Associated Press after the hearing, Sheena Greetens said she was shaken by the video earlier this week.

“Eric and his attorney have spent the past months trying to connect me to a RINO conspiracy involving Carl Rove and Mitch McConnell,” said Sheena Greetens. “Which is completely fabricated. This is completely untrue and Eric knows it is untrue.

“But a ton of Erik’s public rhetoric involved repeatedly getting tied up with RINOs for three months, and then watching a video on Monday talking about hunting RINOs and tagging and bagging them Yes, it made me worried for my own safety and security. That of my children.”

Sheena Greetens provided the AP with copies of 2018 email exchanges in which she accused her then-husband of abuse. She said the emails are proof that she has known about them from the beginning, despite Eric Greetens’ claims that the allegations contained in the March affidavit came from nowhere to sabotage his campaign.

Stamper said in a statement to the AP that Sheena Greetens said in 2020 that it was in the boys’ best interest to spend time with their father. She questioned why would she do it if it was abusive.

“We believe that the ex-wife’s ongoing and recent efforts to drag her children into the press are not in her best interest,” Stamper said.

Eric Greetens is among 21 Republicans running for a Senate seat vacated by the retirement of incumbent Roy Blunt. Most polling showed Gretchens at or near the top of the field, although in close competition with US Representative Vicky Hartzler and Attorney General Eric Schmidt.

Some GOP leaders fear that if Greitens wins the August 2 primary, he could lose in November. With the Senate divided evenly, the GOP cannot lose what would otherwise be a secure seat.

Grittens is a former Navy SEAL officer and Rhodes Scholar who was largely unknown in politics before being elected governor in 2016. With abundant charisma, good looks, and his military background, Grittens was seen by many as a future presidential contender. He did not hide his ambition, reserving the website

The faster his star rose, the fainter it seemed. In January 2018, he admitted a 2015 extramarital affair with his St. Louis hairdresser and a month later, he was charged with invasion of privacy, accusing him of taking a compromising photo of the woman.

Briefly, the Missouri House Committee began investigating campaign finance issues, and Grittens faced a second felony in St. Louis related to campaign finance. Both charges were eventually dropped. Grittens resigned in June 2018, under the risk of charges being re-filed and still facing potential impeachment. Eric and Sheena Grittens divorced in 2020.

In a March affidavit, Sheena Grittens said her ex-husband displayed such “volatile and coercive behavior” as his political career was collapsing in 2018 that steps were taken to limit his access to firearms. She said in interviews that friends, security personnel and others shared her concern and tried to keep Eric Grittens away from his gun.

Salter reported from O’Fallon, Missouri.

Updated on Thursday, June 23 at 3 p.m.

Grittens resigned in disgrace.  That is why he is leading in the race for the US Senate of Missouri.

Eric Grittens has solid support from nearly a quarter of Republicans, polls say, which could land him the nomination on Aug. 2 in a crowded 21-candidate field.

Greetings is no longer in the Navy Reserve or Navy Department

Greetens says violent video about hunting people was humorous

Gun-wielding Greetens issues violent ad targeting other Republicans

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