Ready, set, eat! Advancing childhood food allergy education efforts through a relationship with Providence

Ready, set, eat! Advancing childhood food allergy education efforts through a relationship with Providence

Collaboration equips pediatricians with the latest guidance and research On the initial allergen introduction to share with each frugality family

angel, 14 June 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ready, Set, Food!, an early allergen introduction leader specializing in baby food and educational resources to help families pass on food allergies to babies safely and easily But is expanding its efforts to inform and educate parents. Introduction to Food Allergies through Relationship with frugalityA top provider of pediatric and primary care.

Ready, set, eat! Introduced first of its kind organic baby oatmeal to help families with early allergen introductions. (PRNewsfoto/Ready, set, eat!)

guidance Released in 2020 by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) and the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), introduce peanuts and eggs at 4+ months of age to help prevent food allergies. recommend to do. However, national surveys show that Only ~30% Pediatricians Teach parents about food allergy prevention.

“Nutrition is an important part of a child’s development, but there may be some concern among parents about the risk of an allergic reaction when they introduce new foods to their babies,” he said. Daniel FisherMD et frugality, “As clinicians, part of our job is to help parents understand the evidence and the latest guidelines regarding the introduction of allergens, so they feel confident in caring for their child. Easy-to-understand resources The ones we can provide to families as part of our regular information-sharing is extremely rewarding.”

Using educational materials developed by nationally recognized food allergy experts, Ready, Set, Food! tools are integrated with both Providence Epic and Circle platforms, making it easier for physicians and families to access information.

“This partnership is putting vital information and resources at the fingertips of our families. We are truly changing lives,” said Will Conrad MD., Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Providence Southbay. “We are constantly looking for ways to add support to our physicians and families. This relationship is allowing us to do just that.”

“With recent studies showing that only 8% of parents were following the new guidelines, it is clear that we need to do more to teach parents about food allergy medical guidelines” Daniel said Zakowski, CEO and co-founder of Ready, Set, Food. “We are thrilled to have developed tools that make it easier to implement the new guidelines, and to work together frugality To support their physicians in educating and empowering families.”

Feather frugalityEducational material from Ready, Set, Food! The not-for-profit affiliate is available as part of a routine post-visit summary for infants at key stages (well-child visits at two, four, six, and nine months). In addition, content is accessed seamlessly through the Circle app to provide food allergy prevention resources directly to parents. frugality Families is also taking advantage of other resources the relationship offers, such as in-clinic educational materials (brochures) and providers (CME webinars from allergy experts and summaries of food allergy prevention therapy guidelines).

frugality has one of the largest health systems in the country; Caring for and working with thousands of new parents and families. frugality A significant need for clinical education has been observed in this area.

concerned with frugality Ready, Set, Food with other health systems and med-tech platforms! adds to the increasing work of.

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frugality is a national, non-profit Catholic health system that includes a diverse family of organizations and is driven by the belief that health is a human right. With 52 hospitals, more than 900 clinics, senior services, assisted living, and many other health and educational services, the health system and its partners employ approximately 120,000 carers serving communities in seven states – alaska, california, montana, new Mexico, Oregon, TexasAnd Washingtonsystem with offices Renton, Wash.And Irvine, Calif. Learn about our health vision for a better world at

Ready, set, about the food!

Founded, prepared, set, food by doctors and parents for parents! Created the only complete, three-step guided system that allows families to safely and easily introduce top food allergies to their children. Ready, Set, Food! The approach is supported by thousands of pediatricians and allergists and is rooted in the latest science and medical guidelines that recommend that food allergen introduction should begin at 4 months of age.

In addition to offering a product range including Stage mix-ins and organic baby oatmeal, the organization works to empower and inform families to prepare their children for the path to food independence. Prepare, Set, Meal! Using educational materials developed by nationally recognized food allergy experts! Provides materials and resources directly to families and through partnerships with health systems and pediatricians. for more information please visit or follow us Facebook, instagram, Twitter And linkedin,

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